Can I view pdf files in DevonNote?

I recently installed DevonNote 1.9.16 on a new mac (using 10.5.5). On my old mac (running OS 10.4.9 and DevonNote 1.9.16) I was able to import pdf files by dragging them into the Devon icon on the doc. I was then able to read the pdf files from within DevonNote.

I am unable to read pdf files on my new system (unless I drag them on to an rtf file in DevonNote).

Is there an easier way to read pdf files from within DevonNote?

Thank you

blinks You were able to view PDF files in DEVONnote?

The file format restriction is one of the things that differentiates DEVONnote from DEVONthink… so any way you’d be able to view PDF files in DEVONnote would probably be a bug (aside from the TextEdit trick you mentioned, which is a feature :wink:).

Thank you for the reply. Oh well, I enjoyed it while it lasted. :smiley: