Can not create new database after Devonthink 3 update. Beta 7

After automatically updating and installing some extras this morning I am no longer able to create a new database. I have tried a number of locations and the create button is always greyed out.

I am very new to Devonthink but was working with it okay untill after the update this morning.

Only slightly strange thing is that it asked me to enable all disk access for the mac mail app extension.

Hope it gets fixed soon.


Welcome @jondhall

We are looking into this. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

We have a hotfix uploaded. Please download a new installer from here and replace your current version:

Do not run a third-party uninstaller. If your browser isn’t set to open safe downloaded files, just double-click the ZIP file to decompress it. Then double-click the disk image to open it, and drag and drop the application into the /Applications folder, allowing it to overwrite the old version when you’re prompted.
(There is no danger to your data when you do this. (1) Your data is not stored in the application, and (2) we would not give you instructions that would jeopardize your data.)

Thanks that got new databases working again. Thanks for the quick action.


No problem. Thanks for the quick report :slight_smile:

Just to be sure: the DT3b7 version now offered by the automatic update mechanism is the same version as you have linked to, i.e. contains the hotfix? And as such, only those who had installed DT3b7 before the hot fix became available need to act?

Exactly. If you can create databases, there’s no need to install anything.

Thanks for the quick update. I came to the forum to report the issue and was delighted to find there was already a fix.

While I’m here, I’d like to ask if there is a limit on the number of databases one can create with DevonThink Pro? I currently have seven.

You’re welcome and there’s no hard limit I’m aware of. I have had over 150 databases at one point - though not all open simultaneously.
Obviously the more databases you have open, the more system resources will be required by DEVONthink. I would suggest to not keep unused databases open, just to free up the resources.

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Thanks for your reply — and I will keep unused databases closed to save system resources. Good suggestion.

My pleasure. Cheers!