Can not search in Markdown

I stumbled across this post (Cannot search plain text or markdown) and think it is the same bevavior I recognize at the moment with DT3.

I’m trying to get a workaround for backlinks in Markdown and trying to use the search to get the md-document and it’s related links. But within DT3 I only could search in rendered text and not the syntax of my Markdown document.

DEVONthink doesn’t index the source of Markdown files to avoid bloating the index and concordance.

Hi Bluefrog,

thanks for the fast answer. It makes sense and I already figured out, how I can use a workaround:

Since DT offers auto complete after [[ the following syntax is helpful for me to link to other files within Markdown:


This renders as


is searchable, uses the official markdown syntax and renders like the file link form other applications.

You’re welcome.
Interesting approach but yes, that seems feasible at first glance.