Can sync be cause of beach ball?


I have MacBook Air M1 with 16 Gb of RAM and DEVONthink RAM consumption is 2,42 Gb currently. DEVONthink was working well till I purchased DEVONthink to go and established sync of small database (just 1 Gb size).Now during reading of simple pdf every 5-10 minutes I have rolling beach ball of doom which freezes my pdf for several seconds, which is very annoying. So is sync and this lag connected? What can be done to avoid this?

How large is the PDF document, do you edit/annotate it when this happens?

96 Mb. Yes, I do highlighting. And my internet connection is not particularly fast.

In this case automatic saving of the PDF document before synchronizing causes probably the temporary freeze. One possibility is to use a less frequent sync (e.g. once per hour, see Preferences > Sync), another one to split the PDF document into multiple smaller ones.

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Thank you! I will try less often sync.