Can’t choose a group to save to when using DTTG?

I might be missing something obvious, but my biggest gripe about DTTG is that I can’t share/save something to a specific group in a DT database on iOS. I can only choose a database and add tags.

Is there a way to sort things I save into groups?

Am I being an idiot?!

Clip to DEVONthink doesn’t allow choosing a group. But you could save the file to Files and select DEVONthink To Go as the destination file system. Here all groups are accessible.

Yeah - but that only works for files, right? I can’t save a bookmark into a group that way. It’s super frustrating.

Just curious, but how do you even save a bookmark to DEVONthink to Go?

Edit, Never mind, never use this option myself but I see how it’s done.