Can’t clip this webpage as bookmark in Firefox

I wanted to send the following article on my iPhone as a bookmark in Firefox via the share option

I was only given the option to save it as rich text plus two other options. When I try to clip the webpage to DT via the share option in the DuckDuckGo browser I have the option to clip the article as a bookmark.

I tested the following article in Firefox and I have the clip as a bookmark I’m presented with the bookmark option

Why can’t I clip the first article as a bookmarkin Firefox?

What version of DTTG and iOS are you using?

DTTG 3.6.4 and IOS 16.3.1.

WFM with Safari. So, it might be a problem with Firefox.

Are you on the beta channel? My DDTG is at 3.6.3

Im not on the beta channel. I checked in the
App Store and DTTG was updated to 3.6.4 a week ago.

I see. Seems that I’m still on an older version.

The behavior of one application is not indicative of the behavior of another application, even if they’re the same type of app.

That being said, I am not seeing any issue clipping this page in mobile Firefox on iOS 16.3.1.

Thanks. It’s probably due to a setting or extension I have installed on my Firefox app.

Do you have anything selected on the page?

No I don’t have anything selected on the page.