Can’t delete Sync location on DT Go for iPad

Maybe this is user error (although I don’t think so): I’m having trouble deleting a sync location from my DT To Go for iPad. I don’t have trouble doing it on the iPhone instance of the app.

On the iPad version, I already have a Box sync location. I created a new 4Share sync location and that sync store is already synced with my iPhone and Mac. I added the sync location to the iPad DTTG and it started syncing up just fine. When completed, I turned off the Box sync location and tried to delete it. While the red icon with the minus sign showed up, clicking on it didn’t create any action. I wasn’t able to delete the sync store. A bug?

In the mean time, what I”m doing is deleting DTTG from my iPad so everything is started anew. Then I’ll add back in 4Share sync store and begin again. NOt a problem since I have a very fast connection at work (would be a problem at home where the service is a lot slower!)

This might be related to Cannot remove old webdav config [solved]

OK, I think you are right that that is the bug.

Curious thought that on my iPhone I was able to delete the sync store. Both iPad and phone are on OS 12.1