Can’t get Favourites Smart group to appear on iPad

This method:

is working great on my iPhone, but won’t work on my or wife’s iPads.

Settings are all the same and I have tried rebooting.

All are on iOS 13.3 / iPadOS 13.3.

Any suggestions?

Is there another way of creating a favourites group in DTTG?


I have tried flagging the groups I want to be favourites but the Flagged smart group is not appearing either.

Are you enabling the smart group’s on the Home screen of DEVONthink To Go?

I don’t recall specifically enabling smart groups on either iPhone (where favourites and tagged appear), or iPad where they don’t.

But the iPad has a section on the Home screen called Smart Groups, which shows Recently viewed, Recently modified and Trash, so I guess smart groups are enabled.

Where is the setting to enable Smart Groups? Maybe toggling it would make favourites appear.

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I just clicked edit at the top of home screen, and did press and hold on Favourites which changed from grey to black. Same with Tagged
Thanks for point me in right direction!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: