Can’t seem to save

I just imported a text note into my knowledge base in DEVONthink 1.7.1. When I search for it, DEVONthink finds it at once. But Reveal won’t find it, and in fact I don’t see it it either when I go through the entire contents list item by item. Nor is there any file of the same size and any other name. After I Search and find it, I can’t Save it because Save is grayed out. I have done Verify and Repair, and Backup and Compress. The item still just won’t appear in the list.

A few minutes ago I happened to pull down the Window menu and there it was! The menu stretched all the way across the screen and the text of the new note was there, all in one (non-scrolling) line in the Window menu!

I quit and restarted DEVONthink and the Window menu was back to normal, but the item, which still comes up on a search, isn’t in the database list.

What is happening here??


Good question (never heard of anything similar). Could you send us the imported note (or the complete database)? That would be great - thanks.

>>Could you send us the imported note (or the complete database)?

Certainly. Could you please give me instructions on how to use your FTP server? The file is 620 Kb I could also send it as an attachment to an email message.

Either use anonymous FTP (<>) and a third party FTP client (don’t try to use the Finder - the FTP support of the Finder is horrible) or send the file to <>