Can’t sync with iCloud

Hi there,

I’m trying to use iCloud for syncing the database in my Mac with DEVONthink To Go. But I’m not succeeding. I checked out several responses in these forums — none helped.

Here’s how my sync configuration looks like on the Mac.

For what it’s worth, I set an encryption database.

On DTG, it’s set up like this: [Discourse is preventing me from posting multiple images per post — I’ll attach them to one or more replies below.]

Am I misunderstanding something about DEVONthink’s syncing mechanics? I know iCloud syncing is quite opaque and out of control of DEVONthink — yet it’s strange I haven’t been able to see a single synced file. I tried deleting the app on my iPhone, cleaning the databases, etc.

Thanks for any help!


Here the DTG configuration mentioned above.

Welcome @qmoya

Is there a triangle on the sync icon in the bottom toolar of DEVONthink To Go ?

Thanks for the prompt reply. A triangle appears only when I select the syncing of the local “Global Inbox”. In that case, the triangle appears: here’s the log, in case it’s helpful.

Hi Jim, sorry to steal your time. I just realized I didn’t hit “Reply” in your contribution but replied to myself instead — just in case you hadn’t read my comment. Do you happen to have any advice? Thanks once more!

No worries!
Try deleting, reinstalling, and setting up the sync location again.