Can tags made via “Exclude Groups from Tagging” be undone?

Hello! A couple of years ago, a very enthusiastic DevonThink user convinced me to turn on whatever it is that autoconverts groups to tags.

(Now that I’ve finally slowed down to study this, it may have been UNchecking “Exclude Groups from Tagging” inside the Database Properties popup. But it seems like it was something positive. Anyway …)

As a result, for the last two years I’ve had about 3000 never-used and uselessly-named tags in DevonThink, and also in my Finder. My hierarchies run deep and are stupidly-named—FINAL, FINAL-FINAL, DO_NOW, MORE, EDIT ME, and so on—so many records have 15 tags with similar names attached to them.

So I figured it was time to REcheck the “Exclude Groups from Tagging” button and return to the olden days where my tags were intentional, invented tags.

But these 3000 tags have remained behind. And in two hours I’ve deleted only about 100 or so. This is because I have to check—I cannot automatically tell if a tag is crap (an inherited group name) or good (intentional but long ago).

Is there no way to tell DevonThink to delete just tags autocreated from group names? If not, is there a way to tell DevonThink to at least distinguish between olden-day intentional tags and the group-name tags so I might collect them and then manually delete them myself?

OK. I just noticed that the tags added by UNchecking “Exclude Groups from Tagging” seem to only be persisting for … items that are indexed from the Finder.

Will killing all tags inside of DevonThink also remove them from the dropdown on the top of Finder’s Get Info panel?

Yes, this should work.