Can the "note" from a web clip be put into the content pane?

Hey all,

First time user here. I used to be an evernote user, but I’m likely going to make the permanent switch to DTP. There is one thing about EN that I liked a lot that DT seems to lack.

When I would do a web clip with the Evernote clipper, it would allow me to add my notes to the clip. In evernote, the clipping would have the content of the clip AND my notes directly on top of the content. I really like this format. As far as I can tell, DT puts my notes into the spotlight comments, and the only way I can see those is by clicking “info” and then finding the spotlight comments. This is kind of cumbersome and I was wondering if there are any hacks or features to make DT’s clipper like Evernote’s.

I’m attaching an EN clip to show what I mean.


DEVONthink doesn’t create proprietary filetypes, whereas EverNote does.

But if your Web clipping is saved as plain or rich text, HTML or WebArchive, you can edit those documents to add notes.

More generally, you can use the Annotation template to add comments to a document, and the Annotation and the referenced document are associated by Name, and by a link to the referenced document.