Can the replicate's location be the condition for smart group filtering?

For example, file X replicates to location A and B, file Y replicates to location A and C. When I am in location A, I will see two files, X and Y. Can I set "replicate to location B " as the condition for smart group filtering to filter out files X ?
If I didn’t find a way, I hope someone can tell me how to do it. If not, I hope that this feature can be supported in the future!:slight_smile:

I’m not sure what should actually be visible or not, e.g. what’s the difference to just looking at the group B? Or will the smart group use additional conditions? A good start might be to use the condition Item is Replicated and to restrict the smart group to B.

The difference between them is that one satisfies condition B, one satisfies condition A and condition B
Let me change another example:
File X, the name is “Darkest Hour”, Tag is “movie”, X replicate to Location Y
File Y, the name is “Joe Wright”, and the Tag is “Director”
How to search the file replicate to “Joe Wright” in Tag “movie”?

As for why I don’t add the two tags “Movie” and “Joe Wright” to file X, it is because I also want to use the “director” tag to manage the directors I know. If I set “Joe Wright” as a tag , It is necessary to nest tags, I don’t like this kind of complicated structure very much…

I hope Tag is responsible for answering a file “is what”, and Group is used to answer a file “About what”. This is my personal preference. The advantage is that the nested structure of Tag and Group will be relatively simple~

A screenshot would be useful, in your example there’s both a location Y and a file Y.

Hahaha! I may have unique file management preferences :smile:
Yesterday I just asked netizens for help writing me a script that can convert files(with its tags, modification date, creation date and thumbnail) into Group.
I tried to Duplicate Notion’s Relation function in DTP, and use Group as Page…
So in fact, my Tags are all attached to Group.

The advantage of this is that the bilateral link is indirectly realized with the help of Group