Can you completely delete items from within the Tags sidebar?

I am a bit baffled because I deleted some items from within the Tags sidebar. I saw them moved to Trash, and I emptied trash. But then I found those same items again under another Tag…

Here is the full story of how it happened:

I noticed 4 items were flagged as duplicates. (They were not duplicates. ) I applied two tags to the items, call them Tag1 and Tag2.

Later, I navigated to Tag1 where I saw the four items of course. I thought I would merge the 4 items so I don’t accidentally delete them thinking they’re duplicates. I merged the 4 items into a new Item 5. I applied Tag2 to the new Item 5, and I deleted the 4 items from the Tag1 hierarchy, and then I emptied the trash.

I navigated to Tag2, and lo and behold not only was Item 5 there, but the original 4 items were also still within Tag2.

I would have thought that deleting an item deletes it everywhere. Can you please help me understand this?

Why are you deleting items from inside the individual tags groups?

Yes, this correct. When you add a tag, a special replicant is made in the tag group. Each tag has its own replicant of the file.

I would have a hard time finding it in the groups. I navigate to it in tags, read it and decided it needs to be deleted. How do I delete it at that point?

Try using the Tools > Filter > Tags pane instead.

I have filtered on any files in this database with this tag and easily could delete this file from the item list.

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Not sure I understood what you’re trying to do.

If you want to delete a record and all its replicants from within a tag:

  • Press ⌥ and use menu Data > Move All Instances to Trash


  • Press ⌥ and use the contextual menu Move All Instances to Trash

That is helpful, thank you.

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