Cannot add individual mac mail messages to DTPO

I have installed the Devonthink Pro Office add-ons and in Mac Mail I am able to add all the mail messages in Mailbox to DTPO (by highlighting any of the messages in the mailbox and clicking “Add to DEVONThink Pro Office” in the Mailbox menu). However, if I highlight an individual message or open an individual message and click "“Add to DEVONThink Pro Office” in the Message menu I get the message “Apple Mail Imported 0 Mail messages”. Am I doing something wrong?
Any help would be appreciated.

If you already imported a message or messages to a database, then DEVONthink will not reimport the message(s) and will report that it imported zero messages. Check you database – is the message already there?

In DEVONthink Pro Office Preferences > Email there’s an option that avoids skipping of previously captured messages, and that I find useful.

The option is Messages: Previously imported will become replicants.


I’ve only recently bought the DTPO software to help me in creating a paperless office for my small legal business in the UK and have been busy creating databases and transferring documents and emails from my iMac. I have encountered a problem with messages transferred from Mail which is analogous with this thread but not the same but I hope that it’s acceptable to use this thread

I have previously transferred the last 4 years emails to DTPO, not by using the Move to DTPO link under Messages in Mail (which to my chagrin I have only just discovered!) but by copying and pasting them into the Inbox. I now realise that I could have done it more simply but never mind!

I changed the email address that I used for my business in June 2014 to a Gmail account and at that point there was automatically created in Mail an Archive folder specifically for just that account which picks up both emails received and sent, which I now realise is quite handy. You may have gathered that I’m not very technical!

Having read in a post on these boards that DTPO wouldn’t copy over an email that it had done before I thought that I would copy over the whole archive, to pick up any which I hadn’t already transferred, because I hadn’t used this specific Archive as part of my transfer process. I did read up before I started, honestly, but there’s a lot under the bonnet (I think that you call it the hood!)

Having completed the exercise involving c1600 emails, to my horror, presumably because I didn’t use the DTPO link previously, ALL the emails have been transferred! The majority have the little dual boxes on top of each other indicator showing possible duplicates. What I would like to do is delete all those duplicates. Is there any way I can do this without having to go through the list manually?

I accept that there is a risk that one or two may not be exact duplicates, although I doubt it, but as this is a setting up exercise and I’ve spent hours and hours so far and I just want it to end!! If I lose one or two it’s not critical.

Am I correct in thinking that If I use the DTPO link in Messages in Mail from now on to transfer emails that any that have already been transferred in this way won’t be copied over?If so, I’ll know what to do from now on and won’t have to go through this excruciating process again!

If you’re still with me after this tale of woe and incompetence, thank you! If you have answers to my predicament, thanks in anticipation

Having read Bill’s post of 2 January I deleted all the imported emails from my inbox, unticked the box in Email>preferences >Previously imported will become replicants, reimported the emails and only a handful were received so I appear to have resolved my problem

In what circumstances would it be helpful to have it ticked?