Cannot archive or DT pdf links (new user)


I am a new user of DA and DT. The manual claims that I can archive
any link or document which I can browse to. Here is what I am doing:

  1. From the search, I find a website with a collection of technical articles.
    I can archive the (link to) collection. But when I try any of the options
    to include it in DTpro, it beeps. What should be the expected result ?

  2. In the collection, I can look at any of the pdf articles in the DA browser.
    But I can neither archive or export to DT. All options I have tried end with beep.
    Is this not possible ?

  3. In general, I am not clear about DA-DT interaction. Any pointers to existing
    articles will be really appreciated !


The “Add to DEVONthink” should work as expected if you’re viewing a HTML page. V2 will also improve the interaction if a PDF document is visible in the browser.

Thanks for the reply.

The archiving works with normal webpages but not for a pdf displayed in browser.

What is the expected result for ‘Add to DevonThink’ ? That’s what I am not clear about.
Should it show up as a note in current database ? Or append to current note ?

Also, what did you mean by V2 ?

There are three contextual menu options (available by control-click or Right click): Add selection (selected text and.or images) to DT Pro; Add page (HTML page) to DT Pro; or Add Web Archive (includes both text and images) to DT Pro.

Each of the above options will result in a new document.

You would have to use DT Pro’s Services to append a note to a previously captured note.

Version 2.0 will be a major update to DEVONagent.

I be damned ! I am pretty sure I was trying this (since this is the only intuitive
thing to do) but it did not work before. Now all ‘Add to DevonThink’ options work fine
with a pdf in the browser. Many thanks !!!

However, with the paginated pdf option, I cannot scroll down the stored multi-page
document. I am hoping that I can store a local copy of the documents I come across.

But it looks like the services menu addition works fine.

  • Highlighted the link to pdf
  • Used ‘Append Plain Note’
  • The document shows up as a new note in DTp and it appears that
    it stores a local copy of the document (is that right ?)

Also, DevonTech did a great job with their freeware, especially HotService - I am
finally using services menu !