Cannot cancel "New bookmark"

When creating a “New bookmark” I cannot cancel this action:

If I press cancel, nothing happens. If a press X nothing happens. Basically the only way to cancel this action is to re-boot the DT.
If create one more bookmark i end up with two windows which I cannot close, etc.

I am using DT 3.5.

Please provide steps to reproduce this.

The workflow is: Data -> new -> bookmark. That is it.
Then if I want to cancel this step, this is not possible,

The screenshot doesn’t look as expected, the New Bookmark panel should be attached to the main window. Which version of macOS do you use? Was any other window of DEVONthink opened?

I closed all DB’s, after that New Bookmark appears as you say as an attachment to the main window and I can cancel it.

Then I opened a DB, and the bookmark is still correctly attached to the main window.
This is definitely not the behaviour which I observed while opening this thread. The only thing I changed in the meantime is switching to dark mode on mac but I assume it should have 0 impact on this feature.

Additional details would be appreciated if you should be able to reproduce this - thanks in advance!

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