Cannot clip to devonthink 3 Pro

I am using Mac OS Catalina (latest update). I cannot clip to Devonthink using SAfari. I activated the extension in Preferences (after starting in SAfe mode) but still cannot clip anything (webarchive, rtf) to my inbox.
Any suggestions as to what to do. Right now I am clipping to Nisus and then exporting a finished product as a pdf, which I can then import into DT, but that is a poor workaround.

Many thanks

but still cannot clip anything (webarchive, rtf) to my inbox.

Please clarify what is happening.

I am using Safari. I find a webpage, or part of a webpage that I want to clip. I capture it and, using services, ask to save to Devonthink 3: Take Rich Note. There is a small beep, and that is that. When I look for the document in my inbox, it is not there. I try the same think except save to Devonthing3: webarchive, and same beep but no capture.

I think this is a very recent event (within past couple of days), but am not absolutely certain. Often, used to be when I did a capture, the DT icon would bounce once or twice to indicate something, and the doc would be in my Inbox.

not now.

I have not updated anything except this AM, in Safari I clicked on the Safari>Preferences>Extensions and clicked the Clip to Devonthink. It had not been installed, and would not install until I stopped DT and rebooted my system in Safe mode. Now it is clicked on. The strange thing is that, in the past, I had ignored the Clip to DT bit and the clipping seemed to work.

ALSO, I am not totally certain it is a DT issue. Often I would use Services to make a New Nisus Document with selection and Nisus Writer would open and the selection would insert itself. I noticed today that now I have to insert the selection manually.


See here or search for “Safari 14” here in the forum. It’s not a DT issue, but Apple is aware.

That helps. I think I have the same problem. I can clip to markdown with no problem. It is not just at the DT ‘level’, however, as other Services are not functioning as they used to either (e.g. Open copy in Nisuswriter). Let’s hope that Apple gets its act together and fixes Safari ASAP.

Thanks for your help.

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