Cannot export image files or PDFs...

Ok, at least this time I know it’s not ShapeShifter. :slight_smile:

But I’m having an opposite problem to what I experienced before: I have thousands of images and PDFs relating to all the games in my library, which I manage in DEVONthink Pro. But now when I try to export any of those groups, I get failures in the log for all images and PDF files.

I’ve confirmed that this images/PDFs can be viewed from within DEVONthink, and that the corresponding file does exist inside the package, in the Files directory.

Any idea why it would not be allowing me to export?

Thanks, John


has been anything logged to the system console? What does happen after restarting DTP and/or the computer?

I think I found it: somehow (and this was probably done by a script long, long ago), the Path property of my PDF files got cleared. But I never noticed it since they are still visible within DEVONthink; however, I can no longer Launch Path, or drag-and-drop out of DT, or Export. I just hope they all had unique names so that I can put the Path back!

More recently imported PDFs work just fine, and I found it is because their Path is set to a location within the Files directory.


You might also run Tools > Verify & Repair - just to ensure that everything’s fine.