Cannot find my snippet!

Hi and good day,

After I clipped a snippet from elsewhere into DT, I cannot find which database the snippet is in. ( I have 3 databases).

It’s not in the Inbox of any of the 3 databases, and if I search in DT (top - right “All databases), I don’t get any results.

See screendump:


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Omar K Neusser

Stockholm, Sweden

(top - right “All databases)

If you’re referring to the toolbar search field, that only applies to the current database, not all open databases.

Additionally, the Tools > Search window you have targeted the Global Inbox, not all databases.

Yes - thank you - with Tools > Search I can find the snippet, BUT it still doesn’t tell me in which db it is stored. strange!

From those screenshots, it looks like it is in the global Inbox (Inbox at the top of the sidebar), not the database inbox. For database Inboxes, it usually says Database Name > Inbox


Yes, probably.

I could not access this global Inbox, as you see here, because of a Tags folder:

When I had deleted this folder, my snippets were visible!

(A very newbie question!)

Thank you @JCSully217 and @BLUEFROG


You needed to click in the marked section to show files in the root of the database.

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