Cannot get Boolean search to work in EasyFinder

I an new to this application so excuse and not familiar with Boolean searches. I am trying to find a a Phrase of a number of words within a file that has a .eml file type.

I am using the following search

.eml AND words or phrase

selecting Boolean and search within one folder and I get zero results what am I doing wrong.



You are doing a content search for Mail messages, which have the filetype .emlx. So check the option to do a Content search.

Now click on the “light switch” icon (bottom left). Uncheck all the options for filetypes to be scanned, except emlx and mbox. That will limit the search to the desired files only.

If your query term is one or more words that must be found within a message, use the All Words operator. If it’s a phrase, words which must occur in the same order, use the Phrase operator.

As the messages and mailboxes will be in your User account, choose your User directory in order to limit the search to that area, instead of the entire hard disk.

Works for me. I’m running Mail 3.5 under OS X 10.5.6.


Thanks for the advice.

The file type is eml as I have a utility that archives Entourage emails with the .eml file type. So i modified the file type from emlx to eml and your method works great.

THank You for the help