Cannot Get Crawl to Work in a Search Set


We like DevonAgent and are making good use of it to find information on the web. However, one feature that we cannot get to work at all is when using Crawl on a website set up in a Search Set. In contrast, Search seems to work fine. The screencast below explains our issue. Devon Support has been great about answering all our questions, but so far, no solutions on this issue. We’re posting in the Forum in the hopes that others might have some additional help figuring this out.


  1. You have to enable following of links, see “General” tab of search sets. Otherwise only the specified URLs (see “Sites” tab) are crawled.

  2. By default DEVONagent uses the entered query term to follow only “promising” links to reduce traffic. To follow all links, enter e.g. the follow links term “*” (without quotes)