Cannot hide Devonthink 3 sometimes

Hi All,
still not able to reproduce it - but once a day it happens, will investigate more because it starts boring me :slight_smile: have you seen this already?
Problem: it‘s not able to hide DT - neither with Finder Menu -> Hide nor with CMD-H. I‘ve to quit und restart the App to clear my desktop view…
CU, Klaus

sorry, sorry, this is not beta related :roll_eyes:

We haven’t received any reports of this kind recently. Maybe all other apps are already hidden? In that case hiding isn’t possible.

update: hm, or makes it a difference between “running Apps” and “already hidden Apps”…I’ll chech this

I disagree :slight_smile: if only one App is running (besides it is possible to hide it and just see the desktop. That’s what I mean. (I’ve two apps running: and Contacts.App: hiding Contacts.App is possible at any time).

Nevertheless, I try to reproduce it and open a service ticket then.

Thank you for the quick reply.

indeed - the problem sits in front of the machine :slight_smile: if all other Apps are already hidden DT cannot be hidden - I don’t understand why, because I would expect to see my desktop then…but it’s definitly nothing Devonthink is doing wrong.

So, thank you for that hint…

That’s the default behaviour of macOS, e.g. it’s the same in Mail, TextEdit or Safari.