cannot import sub mailbox with a mailbox

I’m having trouble with mail transfer to DTP.
When I select a mailbox and then click onto the import icon, only the mailbox content gets imported and not the sub mailboxes, what should I do, I don(t want to archive because I want to store messages older than a given date and keep the most recent on my Mail app ?


eg. I select Biens Communs but Elaje and indivision don’t get imported

btw: if the tool would flag in Mail mails that have been imported it would make it easier to delete them once transferred to DTP


osx 10.6.7 DTP 2.01

As you know DtPO imports all subfolders when you “archive”. And every time you update the archive, it will only import mails, which are not already in the database.
Therefore I would use this option and if I wanted to keep the most recent mails still in Apple Mail, well I would just do so. As said, they will not be imported again.

But you don’t want this, so I suggest to:

  • “archive” the main folder so that it’s subfolders are imported too
  • then mark the main folder and the subfolders in DtPO’s database to get all mails listed at once
  • list them downwards in the column “created” (“modified” is the same")
  • and delete all those newer than the date you do not want to have them archived in DtPO

Note: The deleted mails should be really deleted (trash emptied) and the cache for the database must be emptied too, otherwise DtPO will not import them the next time.

Perfect for what you want would be, if the time filter on the right side of the import window would also work for “archiving” mails, but it works only for “importing” mails as far as I see.

As you know up to which date you have imported/archived mails, you could set up a smart mailbox listing all mails older than and equal to that date and flag them in one go. But why flag them? Just delete those you do not want to keep shown in that smart mailbox.

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My question was mainly asked because the documentation seems to state that sub-folders can also be imported when ‘importing’ and not only when ‘archiving’.

And obviously it doesn’t work as stated…