Cannot move Documents

I’m still on Version 3.0 and I have from time to time problems with moving documents from the Inbox to subfolder in a specific database or I want to move a document from one database to another.

I opened up the protocol windows and I always get the message “UUID already available in database”.
The specific file is only available once and not a duplicate or replicate.

Any ideas how to solve this problem.
As I said it occurs pretty regularly. So it’s quite annoying.

Thank you in advance.

I’m still on Version 3.0

Versus updating to 3.0.1? If so, you should update your software now.

Are you referring to emails? If so, you can’t import an email into a database multiple times.

Okay. Upgraded to 3.0.1 but still the same error.
It’s not about emails. Regular files.

If this is consistently reproducible, hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket. Include any screen captures, that may be helpful.

I had the same thing happen once for no clear reason.

I solve it by converting the file to a different format (from RTF to PDF) and then moving the new document.

Yeah it’s pretty annoying. Just sent you the bug report.