Cannot OCR Single Page PDFS

I have long single page pdfs of web pages I have curated and I would like to OCR them. When I attempt to do this I keep getting this error message.

Unsupported format.
File: /private/var/folders/0w/c_dq02f13556rqvmls7n4p1m0000gp/T/DEVONscribbler-0/D17E6248-302C-431C-A3A6-57A7AA104435.SEPARATED/page_0.tiff.
Continue to import the document as is, or skip it?

Is there a way around this?

Does it persist after a machine reboot?
Are you running the current version of DEVONthink - 2.8.9?

I am curious - if you have captured PDFs of web pages, why would you need to OCR them?

I am running DOTP 2.8.9

I was under the impression that the WebPage PDF text was not indexed? If it is then, you are correct I do not have to OCR it.

If you capture a PDF via the browser extension, it will be indexed so you don’t need to do OCR on it.

Perfect. I am not sure if that is mentioned in the help guides. But this is great to know.