Cannot open Image Edit panel

Following instructions to double click image but this does not open Image Edit panel…how do I open this?

Could you provide a link or directions on finding the instructions you’re referencing?

Did you double-click the actual image or just its item/name?

I tried both double-clicking the name of the image, which opens the image, and also double-clicking the open image, as well as the icon of the image (when it’s open) in the sidebar.
The instructions I refer to are in the Taking Control of Devonthink book:

“To edit an image, first select the document in your database and double-click the image in the edit pane (or in its separate window). The Image Edit panel (Figure 51) appears. Move the sliders to adjust
your image, and explore the Effects and Details tabs for more options. Switching between the Adjust and Effects tabs discards changes made before the switch. To discard your changes, click Reset All. Figure 51: Use this panel to make quick modifications to your
photos…Figure 51: Use this panel to make quick modifications to your photos.” (p. 126 on the pdf)

If you double-click the image to open it in its own window, then double-click within the image in the window, you should get the edit panel.

The panel should appear after double-clicking the visible image if it’s editable (e.g. not locked and not part of a locked database). Which version of Mac OS X do you use and what kind of image did you double-click (e.g. JPEG, TIFF etc.)?

Thank you, Greg. This is the part that’s not working. The image is open, I double-click within it, but nothing happens…any suggestion? I just want to be able to adjust the contrast.

Christian, thanks. I don’t think either the image or the database is locked (unless unintentionally this happened). I have Mac OS X 10.5.8. I’m working with PDFs…they started as JPGs, and were converted to searchable PDFs which has worked beautifully. Just want to adjust the contrast on some of the PDFs so the text is more legible.

The Image Edit panel supports only plain images (JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF etc.) but not PDF documents, therefore you’d have to adjust the contrast before converting them to PDF.

That explains it! Many thanks, Shirley.