Cannot open or export omnigraffle, outliner or inspiration!

Ok - I am having a hard time with Omnigraffle, Inspiration, and Omniouliner files in Devonthink Pro. This problem “came from nowhere” because I was using these files with ease in the past.

Basically, I cannot open these files now that I have imported them into Devonthink, and when I try to drag them to the desktop to open outside of the database, I am not able to do so. It creates a “.dtLink” file instead of an actual copy of the graffle document.

I don’t have this same problem with word files, jpegs, photoshop files, or MS word files.

I’ve done a LOT of work in Omnigraffle, Inspiration, and Omnioutliner, and not being able to open or work with these files (or drag them out of Devonthink) is going to be a problem. I will greatly appreciate any help or suggestions anyone has.

I already tried running scripts to clear/clean up launch services and various caches.


So, for some reason all the original PDF, graffle, Inspiration, Excel files (everything except RTF and word files) have been replaces with only their thumbnails. Somehow, in an instant, my database went from around 4 GB down to 400 MB - without any kind of “are you sure?” or warning!

So I couldn’t get the graffle files (etc.) to open because they didn’t exist - they were replaced by little URL files with the identical icon, but which pointed to nothing.

I just can’t figure out what went wrong - is there some key combination or something that might do this if inadvertently pressed? It’s almost like all the actual data was deleted, and only the references/links remained. I just want to make sure I don’t repeat whatever mistake I made.

Thank goodness I backed up (though this was a couple of weeks ago, so I have a ton of work to repeat).

It turned out that the internal Files folder inside the database package file is missing.

I know of only two ways this can happen:

  1. The database package file is opened and the Files folder is deleted or moved out.

  2. A corrupt database is reconstituted by creating a new folder and copying the contents of the internal Backup folder to it – but not also copying the internal Files folder.

Yep - turns out I made a stupid move that deleted the folder. It’s a long and stupid story which I will spare you the details of, but Devonthink had nothing to do with the problem, and I was able to recover 95% of stuff from a former backup.

Thanks for your help!