Cannot paste Image link in clipboard from DevonThink into Sorter

I did a Command-C of an Image item in DevonThink. I opened Sorter by using Control-Option-N. Then I did a Command-V to paste the Image link. But it didn’t paste.

However, if I copy (using Command-C) of any selected text in DevonThink, I can paste the selected text in Sorter.

Somehow, it just doesn’t allow pasting of Image link. Is this an expected behaviour or bug? Can you allow this function?

What format are you using in the Sorter’s Take Note tab - Markdown?

Yes, Markdown.

If you copy an image as such, ie the pixels, it will be an image in the clipboard. And it will probably not contain any information as to the original file name and location that could be pasted.
Copying and pasting an image link, otoh, should work – that’s just text, not pixels.

The next release will fix this and the Sorter will support this just like the Markdown editor.