Cannot Perform OCR in Devonthink Pro Office

I just bought a new MacBook Pro and used Migration Assistant to move my files and applications from my old PowerBook to my new computer. Devonthink Pro Office came over fine with my databases but when I put a new PDF in the Global InBox and tried to perform OCR on it I got this error message:
“Couldn’t setup OCR process
Server com.devon-technologies.DEVONscribbler not available!
Please contact with this message and anything you can find in the Console (In Applications>Utilities).”
This what I found in the Console:
“11-11-03 8:00:05.277 PM DEVONthink Pro: ERROR: problem occurred during DEVONscribbler startup: Server com.devon-technologies.DEVONscribbler not available!”
Can anyone help me solve this issue? I’d be very grateful. Thanks

I would speculate that when you installed Pro Office on your PowerBook, you chose the PPC-only option for the Abby OCR software. Migration assistant moved that over to an Intel box and OS that will not run PPC apps and plug-ins. Try deleting DEVONthink, including everything in the ~Application Support/DEVONthink Pro folder and reinstall the application.

It is a little late to do this all differently now, but I would not have used Migration Assistant to move from a Leopard PPC machine to a Lion Intel machine. There’s now a lot of old PPC stuff on your MacBook Pro that could potentially cause problems down the road. Congratulations on your new box-I also made the move from a then 7-year old PowerBook to a MacBook Pro when the first 2011 models came out this year. You’ll like it.