Cannot Register 2.0.1

I was using the Beta of DTPro Office and now downloaded 2.0.1. I do not recall getting a license for the Beta.

When I launched 2.0.1, it asked me for Name/Org/License. I sent a request to extend my evaluation and received a license number. Entering the above info and hitting the ‘tab’ key as instructed here still will not ungray the Register button. I can launch DTPro but it will not let me create a database nor open the one I had created with the Beta.

Please help.

That should work. Try restarting your computer to clear any ‘cobwebs’ and try again. Copy and paste from the message you received can ensure that the information has been entered exactly into the registration panel (Help > Enter License). Then press the Tab key.

Well, I got it working, but you may be surprised by what seems to have been causing the issue.

I typically use my middle initial anywhere I use my full name (as in registering software). I pasted in the license key first and pressed Tab and went to the name box. As soon as I started to type in my First Name, the Register key turned active. However, as soon as I typed capital Middle Initial, it grayed out. So I just typed in First Name Last Name and all is well.

Thanks for your help and I look forward to learning DTPro Office!