Cannot register DA after 10.5 clean install [solved]

On our AUG’s machine, DA23 worked fine after a simple 10.4->10.5 migration
Due to big problems with Leo, we made a clean-install of 10.5.0
We downloaded again the DA 2.3, but we cannot register it; we check more than 10 times the correct information on the pane, but the register button still stay grayed ?

Any idea ?

Make certain you’re not using license code information for DA 1.x, as that won’t work with DA 2.x.

After entering exactly Name, Organization and License Code from your license code email into the corresponding fields in the registration panel, press the Tab key to initialize the last entry. The Register dialog should then activare.

Thanks Bill
And yes you’re right; the “Organisation” name of the key Devon sent us contains ONE lower case character; I mispell it