Cannot remove tags

I’m using Devonthink Pro Office 2.9.14 with MacOS Sierra 10.12.6. I’m new to DTPO.

I’ve imported loads of files into the database, many of which included Finder tags. These seem to have imported okay but now I want to delete some of the Finder tags. I have tried deleting them individually and I have also used the script for multiple files.

I have no problem adding tags and then deleting them from within DTPO but the pre-existing tags are a different matter. I can apparently delete them one at a time, but they reappear when I next select the file, so obviously they have not really been deleted. So far as I can see, the script does nothing at all with these tags.



If you have nested Tags, parent Tags are always inherited. These Tags show in blue.

If your groups are yellow in DTPO, you have unchecked Exclude Groups from Tagging in File > Database Properties > …. These Tags appear in grey and cannot be manually removed. Excluding the group the files are in or moving the files to another group would affect these Tags.

I have a problem that is, perhaps, similar, which is as follows:

I use tags to mark items that need attention. (For instance, I tag all the files I want to translate as “to translate.”) I then create a smart group titled with the tag name (“to translate”) and have the rules select only files with that name.

What I’m finding is that, while I can add the tags to files (which will, then, appear in the smart group), I cannot remove the tags. I’ve been going through the smartgroup and opening up the “show info” pane and deleting the tags, but they keep coming back! This seems to be case even when I delete the tag for the folder the files are in first.

Any suggestions?? Many thanks in advance!

Did you read my previous comment?

I am having the same issue now. whenever I start typing I see a LOT of tags which I have deleted

When you start typing… where?

How did you “delete the Tags”?

CleanShot 2020-05-25 at 10.36.40

by deleting here

Are you referring to tagging items in the Global Inbox?

I have a folder in global inbox where I want to remove all the existing tags and enter new ones.

Tagging in the Global Inbox will show tags from all open databases.

but I deleted tags from all databases???

but I deleted tags from all databases???

It’s impossible to see that from your screen captures as there could be many empty tag groups.
Show an open Tags group for a database.

@cgrunenberg would have to assess this as it appears to tags - or their removal - aren’t being updated.

Please. thank you

Please note the suggestions here

Hard to tell as the former post was removed. But it sounds more likely that either the trash wasn’t emptied or the same tags are in other databases.

sorry. can I pm you the screenshots