Cannot Set Rich Text to Custom Meta Data of the Record

The AppleScript code:

tell application id "DNtp" to set custom meta data of theDoc to theFields

can set any type of data, containing in theFields dictionary. The only exception is the Rich Text. If theFields contains, say {mdcomments:«data ****727466640…02B00}» it omits it, i.e. sets everything except it.

What’s wrong here?

The opposite is OK:

tell application id "DNtp" to set theFields to custom meta data of theDoc 

But when you try to set it back (the first string of code) - you will loose any rich text fields…

This might be a bug or limitation of AppleScript, DEVONthink receives a filtered dictionary. The next release will include a workaround.

Thanks Chris,
I’ve written a script to batch change the custom meta data, all was good, but I’ve noticed too late that I lost RTF comments in some couple dozen of records… (
Coming to a conclusion to leave only plain “Multi-line text” in CMD. And use Annotation feature for RTF or Markdown. RTF is good when it is in its own file… )

This wasn’t an issue of DEVONthink, only of AppleScript. Meaning that RTF in custom metadata is fully supported.

Sure, but the option to set it not only manually is more important for the text, than to be rich :wink: