Cannot sync between DTTG and DTPO

Using latest DTPO 2.9.8 on mac sierra and fresh download of DTTG on iPhone with extra purchases

In DTTG I have set up Dropbox as sync location. Enabled Global Inbox. I can this “arrives” in Dropbox Apps Devonthink Packet Sync

In DTPO Preferences Sync Tab, I can see my open DTPO Local Databases sync’ed into Dropbox. But not the new DTTG sync database

I cannot see a tutorial for getting items into DTPO and from DTPO into DTTG. Yes, I have read the help documentation in DTTG but don’t find it helpful (or have missed something)

I have moved away from Evernote and need to get a set of important references available and also to start using DTTG as my new mobile capture platform.

Starting to tear my hair out. Lots of messages about problems but very few solutions, and those tend to be specific to users’ situations.

Have deleted DTTG and re-installed from iOS appstore. But no change. Have quite DTPO and re-started.

Shouldn’t it be easier than this ?!

All help and pointers appreciated as DT is my new “brain” having ditched Evernote. Very pleased with DT import of Evernote folders. But now can’t reach them when mobile.

The DTTG2 database you Synced to Dropbox would not be Local. It’s going to be listed in the Remote section and you need to import it to the local Macs. Right-click the database in the Remote section and choose Import Database. Save it in a folder in your Home directory.

Do NOT put it in any cloud-synced folder. Ever.

Thank you Jim

Yes, understand dangers of putting database in a cloud sync. My desktop databases live in ~/Documents/DT and are synced by DT via dropbox

Problem is that my DTTG2 databases are not showing in Remote section of Preferences / Sync / Dropbox. But when I look in Dropbox / Apps / DEVONthink Packet Sync, I can see it there. On iPhone I setup sync location and called it DTTG2017 and enabled the Global Inbox and a local database

What else to do ? The final step in the process is not being made

Please start a Support Ticket. Please include screencaptures of the Sync location in DTTG2 and DEVONthink’s Sync Preferences. Thanks!

Thank you - support ticket submitted with screenshots