Cannot view folder contents-->shows "No Selection"


I cannot view any of the folder contents in the database. When a folder is highlighted, instead of displaying the contents inside the folder, there is a “No Selection” text being displayed.

I need to double click on the folder to view its contents.

It seems like there is a filter on.

I would like to click on a folder and see its contents.

Please advise,


I just discovered that when I drag a file into the database, filtering is turnied off and I can see the contents in the folder.

There is no “filter” on groups. Please post screen caps when possible. Thanks.

What do you mean “…Please post screen caps when possible…”?

They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Indeed this is true. You were describing something that you were looking at (and a behavior that is not normal). Showing what you’re seeing would be helpful in many cases.

The ‘No Selection’ view that you are seeing sounds like you are using the Three Pane view and the document pane is hidden. Move your cursor to the top of the ‘No Selection’ pane and see if the icon changes to a bar with a down arrow. If so, click and drag down to show the document pane. Or you can just close this window and open a new one, which defaults to displaying all three panes.

And this is exactly my point. What you’ve described is either very abnormal and needs a Support Ticket, or it’s this very thing Greg suggested (which I surmised as well). Showing it would eliminate guesswork on anyone’s part.