Canon MP560 does not scan - Preview screen is blank !

Using Image Capture - the scanner is found by DTP however after scanning nothing appears in the Preview section in the Scanned Document window. That section is 100% grey.

Is it Lion ( 10.7.2 ) or is it DTP ( 2.3 - REGISTERED ) that is the question & who gets to fix it?

I had the same problem with my Canoscan 8800f, only with DTPO. Had to go back to 10.6. :unamused:

I have the same problem with my MP990 and DTPO. 10.6 is not an option!

Scanner control issues can come and go as a result of driver changes and OS X changes.

For a scanner that can’t communicate with DTPO to send output for automatic OCR, there’s another approach to automation.

See Scan preview pane is always empty, please help - OSX 10.6