Canon P150 over Fujitsu Scansnap S1300

Since getting DTPO. I needed a document scanner to handle the many documents that I have, I am using the Canon imageformula P-150 over the Fujitsu Scansnap S1300 as I had the S1300 for a day and a half and I got right into it, my personal view on the scansnap is, the hardware is a 5 star out of 5 ratting, the software is a 1 1/2 out of 5.

The software is shear crap, it does the job but not without problems, I didn’t try the scanner on my windows machine as DTPO on my mac was a priority, Im sure the scansnap would have much better results on a windows computer, which is the favourite os of many hardware makers due to shear numbers, the fact that Fujitsu didn’t make a mac twain driver almost boggles the mind, but each do their own, its just my opinion.
The mac software includes a proprietary driver in the software, so your dependent on the software to operate the scanner, it did integrate into DTPO but I could not get exact scan working, there was a ton of things Fujitsu could have done better, but they didn’t, it makes me wonder who or what they have working on the mac side and how are they keeping their jobs.
The scansnap also had problems with colour in colour scan as dark green would be black with some orange, Im not sure why, I did get into the settings quite a bit but I already new the scansnap was on its way out for me, Im not a fan of bundled software included with hardware as they are usually some butchered lite version, and or old where they prod you to by their latest greatest versions, it seemed the windows software might have been decent, but like I said the mac stuff was priority, not to mention, I may want to use the scanner for other apps down the road, but not with the scansnap running on a mac, Im using a 2011 iMac with all the upgrades including ssd storage, so this thing moves, so it is much better having hardware that likes each other.

The Canon imageformula P-150 is what I switched too, also the P-150 is about the same price as a S1300 scansnap, right out box underneath the scanner I noticed, made in Japan, which is nice these days for everything else is made in China, the sturdiness and quality feel to the P-150 also said made in Japan to me.
All things said, drivers installed and setup done in system preferences, the scanner was ready to, and it did it worked well with the mac twain driver, exactscan in DTPO worked flawlessly, image scanner in the os worked well, the whole setup with good drivers made the testing easy and to end it all the P-150 is a keeper.

A few things about the P-150, the software settings need tweaking, so don’t expect the install and go is going to give you optimal results, the P-150 does not come with a power brick, you have a usb data cable that can be used for power and operational duties, but slower, there is a second usb cable that hooks into the power, thus giving more power for faster scans, but if you had a power brick you can get Canons claimed speeds of 15 pages per minute, but Canon wants $35.00 for the power brick, a bit of a rip Id say, I am using a power supply with a female usb end on it that I purchased for $3.98, its rated at 5.2v 1000milliamp (1amp), and it works great, the scanner calls for max 6 volts 1amp, I put a volt meter at the end of the scanner plug and I was getting 5.3-5.4 volts so we are in the ball park, just remember makes sure your cables are not too long, at these low powers ohms law is really noticeable.
With my $3.98 power brick, I scanned 15 pages in 55 seconds, actually after I pressed the button, there was a 5 second delay, so I may have gotten another 1 or 2 pages in if you look at total time, the scanner was set for gray scale at 200 dpi for this test.
As for a power brick and save $35.00, have a look around the house, many people have amassed large supplies of power bricks from cell phones to other gadgets that are no longer in use, there is a good chance you will have the power specs needed to run the P-150 and there are many adapters out there to convert your end plug to female usb, between 5-6 volts with 1 amp max and minimum 500 milliamps, 850 milliamps up to 1 amp is preferred.

I hope this is some help to people, any questions or comments, Id love to hear them.


I am surprised to see this review, since I think that the software is one of the things Fujitsu did well with the Scansnap. In particular, TWAIN support is one of the most troublesome things ever invented for scanners, and it’s caused me no end of problems. It takes more time to scan things than I like, and was never designed for document scanning. TWAIN was only ever really built for dealing with slow fiddly flatbed scanners.

My workflow is basically “Hit the button, watch the PDF end up OCRed in DTPO.” So for me, it works perfectly. I haven’t had color problems on it in the full-color material I’ve used, but I may not have hit the exact colors you’re having problems with. I don’t use it to scan photos, so I’m not very worried about exact color reproduction.

What kind of a workflow do you use? In particular, why do you want ExactScan and ImageCapture to work? It seems to me that you might have some particular workflow needs that I don’t have, and that’s why you have problems.

Im not a big fan of a all in one software with proprietary drivers made to run their hardware, Ive been burned by this before with other hardware, and not to mention I had another fujitsu scanner a few years ago for windows and mac, while they had twain drivers, the updating of the drivers took forever when there was a mac update or windows service pack, the old fujitsu sat idle many times waiting for drivers, and updating the computers were more important at the time then waiting for scanner drivers, the scanner was great when it was up, thats why I decided to try the s1300, as for the canon image formula, the twain driver works just fine on my mac, its fast and reliable with all my software, but I was worried about the osx 10.7.3 update, and its still working fine.

My workload is huge at the moment, many documents and pictures, and on top of all of this, Im suing a municipality for an environmental problem they have caused around my house, so my scanner is under heavy usage at the moment, and just maybe I should have gotten something bigger, but the canon is holding out well and the consumable parts still look fine.