Canoscan and Sane

I’ve just upgraded to Leopard on a new MacBook Pro. I’ve also upgraded to DTP 1.3.4.

Under Tiger, I was able to use SANE with my Canon 1240U scanner. I’ve downloaded the Leopard SANE files, but I keep getting a “No SANE device found” error, no matter how I configure it (and how many times I delete and reinstall).

DTP 1.3.4 now has support for CanoScan, but I can’t find any way to create multipage documents. My scans go into DTP just fine, but only as single-page PDFs.

Any solution to either problem out there?

I’ve got a CanoScan LIDE 500F. Launch the ToolBox application, click on the PDF button and configure it to send PDF output to DT Pro Office. Then hit the Scan button for the first page, after which you have the option of scanning another page or finishing.

For most copy I set it for B&W at 400 dpi.

Yes, that works rather well, as long as “Create Multiple PDFs” is selected under “PDF Settings” (also, this is found under “File” in my version of CanoScan; there is no “PDF” icon).

I note that there is also a “Create Searchable PDF” option under PDF Settings—does it make a difference whether this is selected?

This looks like it solves the one problem, but if anyone has any ideas on the SANE issue, I’d like to hear them (having spent hours on it already…)

I know this solution is likely not satisfying for the long-term: until you find a better solution, you can use the Automator to create a folder action to combine multiple PDFs into one and then send it to DEVONthink.


Just to clarify, the CanoScan ToolBox application does allow scanning of a multipage paper document that results in a single multipage PDF document, OCRd and stored into the DT Pro Office database.

The “Create Searchable PDF” option in the ToolBox isn’t relevant to scans sent to DT Pro Office. It would be relevant to sending PDF output to a standalone OCR application.