Can't access Pro Package

I cannot access the Pro Package with DTTG 2 after purchase. I click Settings - Global Premium features - Manage, I see the Pro Package page that shows I have purchased the package. When I click Restore purchase and enter my iTunes password nothing happens. I’m using the IOS 10.0 public beta.

If Manage says “Purchased” then the services are loaded. You’re not going to find a Premium Features" menu anywhere. But, have you tested to see if they are there? Tried to annotate a PDF? Imported or opened a .csv to see it displayed as a sheet? Etc.

These things are easy to test.

(BTW, as you know, don’t expect software from any source to work correctly on a beta release of iOS.)

Thanks! I confirm that the services are loaded. And yes, I realize the risk using IOS beta.

Thanks again!

Slightly different problem - “manage” does not display “purchased”, clicking on “manage” attempts a link to i-tunes store with password request, but then nothing happens. In my case, the “pro” features are not installed in DTTG - e.g. I cannot annotate pdfs. DTTG 2.1.2 (16070). Yes - beta software, but this might be a bug? IOS 10.3.

Addendum - rolling back to 2.1.1 16062 solves the problem.

The betas cannot use the in-app purchase option.

It seems that pushing a release build via Test Flight confuses the in-app purchase system on Apple’s servers. Searching the internet we found a number of reports of developers trying to find out what works and what does not.

For future versions we will not push the release build to test pilots to avoid this confusion.