Can't Add Text to the Comment Column

I recently upgraded to DTP 2.5.2 on a new computer. I brought over all of my databases and they converted without a hitch. The only problem I am having is that I can’t enter text into the comment column. I click in the column but get no text cursor. Instead, the file or video is opened in the document window. I like to use this column to rate the usefulness of the video or file. Does anyone have a suggestion? :frowning:

Confusingly, there are two “comment” options in the column settings. You’re looking for the “Spotlight Comment” option, which is the one where text can be entered into the column. The other option (named simply “Comment”) is for metadata comments that are embedded in some types of files. If the latter “Comment” column is shown in your DEVONthink view, then clicking it will merely launch the video, as you’ve seen.