Can't attach DTPO file to other app

I’m trying to attach files stored in DTPO to my lesson plans (using Planbook).

PB accessed DT, but only at the level of the database. I am unable to specify a file to attach to a lesson. Attaching a database really won’t cut it.

I’ve contacted PB and have been advised it could be something in DT preventing me from getting deep enough in the data base to find and attach the actual file I need.

It seems to me this really must be possible, without having to move course related files all back to the finder for attaching.


I downloaded Planbook and looked into this feature. Attachments can either be web links or documents. Web links have to start with “http://” - the app always prefixes it to URLs. So, the DEVONthink item link accessible by control-clicking a document and choosing “Copy Item Link” isn’t helpful. (Nor is constructing a “file://” URL based on the path to that DEVONthink document.)

So, the alternative is attachments. It’s not possible to drag an item from Finder or DEVONthink to Planbook’s attachment window. It is possible to browse to an item inside a DEVONthink database by control-clicking the database in Finder, choosing “Show Package Contents”, and then continuing to browe inside the package until you find the file. This is a painful process, and not advisable because it’s possible to damage the database this way - so I’m mentioning the possibility in order to rule it out.

That leaves putting the documents in their own folder(s) in the filesystem, outside the DEVONthink database - indexing them in DEVONthink - and using attaching them to Planbook. You can still edit the document, tag it, label it, in DEVONthink.

If you could presuade Planbook’s owner to modify the software to accept URL’s other than “http://”-form URLs (such as custom URLs like DEVONthink’s “x-devonthink-item://” item links) then you would be free to use the method I started with, above.

thanks, korm
I’ll send this on to Jeff at PB and see what he says.

Jeff will add this into 3.0 coming out this month.
Thanks again, korm.