Can't authenticate

I just had DT rebuild its database, now I can’t get in!

Keeps asking me to authenticate and I have tried all my usual passwords to no avail, what gives?

Permissions are correct in my home ‘Application Support’ library.

Your Admin password (same as your login password) is the one being requested. If you correctly enter that and are still ‘locked out’ I would suspect a permissions error on one or more of the components of the database files. See next paragraph.

In Finder Info, check the permissions of the DT database folder and the individual database files to be sure you have permission to open and write to them – correct if not. If you found and corrected an incorrect permission, lauch DEVONthink and see if the database will open.

If you can’t get around the authentication problem, try this:

[1] Check to see if there’s a recent Backup folder that holds the contents of your database prior to the rebuild. If so,

[2] Move your DEVONthink database folder from Applications Support to another location.

[3] Create a new DEVONthink folder in Applications Support.

[4] In the old DT database folder, open the Backup folder that contains recent information, select it’s contents and Option-drag them into the new DT database folder.

[5] In the old DT database folder, select the Files folder (if you have one) and Option-drag it into the new DT database folder.

[6] Cross fingers and launch DEVONthink. You should have a version of your database as of its most recent backup. (If this didn’t work, remember that you still have the full DEVONthink database folder that you moved out of Applications Support, and perhaps further tricks can retrieve your database from it.)

Do you have a backup recently made to an external location that could be used? If not, make that a practice in the future.

Question: Why did you do the Rebuild? What led up to that?