can't browse offline website

I have imported an HTML website into my database for use as an offline reference.

However, since the directory structure was completely reshuffled on import, none of the local links work. It can’t find CSS files, load images, follow any URLs etc…

Is there any way to preserve the structural integrity when importing?

I can navigate through the site without a problem in the Finder version. However I want to take advantage of DTP’s strong search and tagging features.

Note: I did not download the site via DTP, someone else did using HTTrack.

hmm, zero replies so far.
Should I conclude that creating a useful website archive is impossible in Devonthink?

If you want to import the site, then use DEVONthink’s Windows > Download Manager. Or if you download outside DEVONthink, index (don’t import) the folder where the download site is stored.