Can't Change/Remove Password

I recently put a password on my database. It was for temporary security. Now I want to remove it but am unable. In the “database properties” window I go in, unlock, make changes, and no matter what I do it still remembers the old password. I really don’t want ANY password right now… How do I change back to this?

Here are the steps to remove password protection from a DT database:

Note: You will have to enter your password to open the database before you can remove it. So please don’t create a password and then forget it!

[1] Select File > Database Properties.

[2] Click on the Lock icon to unlock the Password field. You will have to enter your password to do this.

[3] Triple-click in the Password field to select the old password and press Delete to remove it.

[4] Click on the Lock icon to lock it.

On your next launch of DEVONthink the database will open without requiring a password.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Bill, that worked. I think the step I was missing was the last – relocking the password entry section. I guess I had thought the lock was for relocking the database with a password and since I didn’t want a password I had not been doing that. Makes sense now though, and works, thanks.