Can't Clean Database in DTTG 2.6.4


I was setting up DTTG on a new iPhone when I made a mistake with the Sync Store Name (using Dropbox to Sync). I added a second, correct, sync location, and things are working fine. However, I can’t seem to clean/delete/remove the wrongly named Location.

When I click on ‘Edit Locations’ I’ve got two locations. One enabled and the other disabled. When I click ‘Edit’ and ‘left swipe’ on the location, I don’t see the menu options come up - I’m sure previously I got three options, something like ‘Verify’ and ‘Clean’.

How can I remove this sync location in DTTG?

Hi, I experienced the same issue. Just logged in to ask the forum for help. “Happy” :frowning: to see that I am not alone.

This is a bug introduced by Apple with iOS 12. The next maintenance release will address this. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Thanks Jim!

No problem. :smiley: