can't clip from DEVONthink forums - take 2


Finally getting to learn a bit more about DT.
I’m running into the same question as posted here:
[url]can't create a Clip from DEVONthink forums?]

-> this is true for DT forums
-> but also for ‘some’ other forums (unfortunately)

I found the previously referenced post that partly solves this issue.

But I am amazed at how the “Clip to DEVONthink” add-on functions differently in different browsers:

  • In Firefox at least for some forums it doesn’t always work
  • In Safari the print button method seems to work (although I don’t fully understand the "in the contextual menu, choose “Capture PDF” or “Capture Web Archive” as there is no contextual menu, to me these options can only refer to the various formats one can choose in the “Clip to DEVONthink” add-on)
  • In Google Chrome, clipping from DT forum just works…

I can understand with browsers continuously evolving this behaviour is influenced by a lot of factors. But I would excpect from Devontechnologies to keep an eye on how these perform.
Is there some place where I can find more about this issue?

Different browsers work differently. For example, Firefox and Chrome don’t fully support OS X Services, such as for rich text captures, so I don’t use them when I’m pulling new content to a DEVONthink database.

Safari can support more of the possible capture modes available in OS X, as well as display more filetypes common in OS X than can some other browsers. That’s to be expected, as Apple is the developer.