Can't Clip from StackOverflow and Odd Behavior in Clipper on other sites

I’ve started having a new problem with DEVONTHink that appears to have started with the latest catalina update 10.15.6 For some reason now all my web clippings that come from stack overflow show up in DT as just the title of the question and then a cline that Stackoverflow workes beest with Javascript enabled

For example If you go to this link

Stack Overflow question and answers

I used to be able to clip by selecting the text I wanted to clip, clicking on the DEVONThink clipper in the Safari toolbar, selecting Rich Text format and select clutter free and the information appears properly in my inbox for further processing and final filing.

Now what arrives in DEVONThink is this

How to reference Tkinter widgets inside classes in python

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled

and nothing else.

This does not happen on other websites:

I can for example go to this website

and select the first few paragraphspa (The Squire was my grandfather) and clip but I get the whole page not just the sections I select.

What used to hapen is I could get only what i selected as a rich text document.

A screenshot of the used settings for clipping would be useful.

Sorry this took a while we’ve bene dealing with sheep issues.


Screen Shot 2020-08-28 at 7.04.44 AM

I’ve tried without the clutter free option and I get all sorts of junk and the entire page not just the selected portion.

Actually clipping does not support the selection but services (e.g. Take Rich Note) do.