Can't Clip to PDF under Lion and Safari 5.1

All clips are being generated as web page links only, even though paginated PDF is selected.


Interim solution: Print>PDF>Save PDF to DEVONthink Pro.scpt

Thanks for the workaround!

Not “even though paginated PDF is selected”— paginated PDF is the problem, single page PDFs are still imported as real PDFs!

Of course I too would like to see this fixed.

Just go to the Safari forum at Apple. This version seems to be the most bug infested Safari ever put out - according to countless users who have a whole bunch of complaints. I wouldn’t be surprised if an upgrade comes out “real soon”.


Single Page PDF doesn’t clip properly on my machine.

Then I mistakenly generalized the problems I have with the Clip To PDF feature under Lion. I’m very sorry if I sounded harsh, that wasn’t my intention.

Under Snow Leopard I mostly used the print dialog to send a PDF to DT. A slick box opened allowing selection of the specific Group and document name to be used to store the document.

Now under Lion and Safari 5.1, I just get the script in the Print Dialog that puts the document into the global Inbox. Later I have to go back and move each document into its proper location.

I hope Apple fixes Safari, if that’s the problem, so DT is as slick as it is under Snow Leopard.

Interim solution II: copy URL in Safari, click Clip to DT, paste URL into, well, the URL field

Not that it’s of any use to you, but I get the same dialog as before. Safari 5 is a bit of a dog right now, where 3rd party extensions etc. are concerned. But one can see their difficulties in testing for every scenario. And ours, because if v1 of anything were 100% bulletproof it would cost us $150,000 a pop and be released sometime in 2056.

Does NOT work for me on Mac OSX 10.5.8 and Firefox 5.0.1. No pdf is produced at all!

2.2.1 is out and I have not seen any crashes yet and Clip to PDF does create PDFs again (and not web links), both paginated and as a single page.

That’s really good news. But something is still different to how it was under Snow Leopard: Paginated PDFs are enormously wide now, there width depends on width of the web pages or maybe even of the browser window. But not on the standard paper width as before. Which makes them hard to read and to annotate.

The PDF format is fine over here. Please send an example (URL plus document) to cgrunenberg - at -