"Can't connect to host"


I am a big user of DevThink. Brill. Used for running my biz.

I used DevAgent too. But since switching to Broadband. I think this causes the problem now. When I do a search it says “cannot connect to host”. I reported this by email to the guys in the company. I can’t recall the answer but being a kind of Mac guy if its too involved or just doesn’t answer my query with a solution I can follow I give up. I gave up. I so need to use the app these days but I still have BB and don’t have their response to my last query as to why DevAgent doesn’t work for me.

In brief now - does this app fall over if confronted with BB? Is there something I can do thats dead easy to make it work again…?



Hey just found an answer to my earlier ‘complaint’ - It was similar to the one I just posted - in that using DevAgent (v1.5) - I got ‘look up failed’. Again that happened just like now when trying to do a search. Both come since I got broadband. Prior to that I had dial up and DevAgent worked ok.

The answer from the the Help guy was “…This may seem a stupid thing to ask but was your internet connection active? If so, were you on a network that might have certain of its ports closed to the outside? Were you perchance on a school network where certain types of searches, etc., are blocked?”

I was too hacked off with the app to be bothered to reply - apologies. I was working up against a deadline. It was not my MBA but my girlfriend who dumped it on me :slight_smile:

Here’s the answers I should have given…

Yes - network was active.

It’s a stand alone machine. I don’t believe I had closed any ports. I am not sure even how to do it. Maybe the Broadband service had closed one that was crucial.

I have a Mac. OS 10.3.

No - not at school.

Any ideas please to get DevAgent to work. Esp as there’s a new version out :slight_smile:



Do you use a proxy? If yes, try to enter all necessary information in the Proxy tab in the preferences. Also, you could try to trash the preferences file. But, to be honest, this really looks like a network problem.



Do you use a proxy?

Eric, That was the problem. I had been testing out proxies and had forgotten to remove from my settings. Devon Agent works fine now. Thanks!